MCAT Question

Which layer of the epidermis is characterized by a low rate of mitosis and a high concentration of keratin?
If a layer of epidermis has a low rate of mitosis, this indicates that the cells in this layer are not dividing very frequently. Likewise the presence of keratin, signals the layer of epidermis must have a waterproofing function. The stratum basale, older cells are pushed up to the stratum spinosum, which is also high in mitotic activity. Keratin dominates in the stratum corneum, which is the most superficial layer of the epidermis, characterized by dead skin cells that are no longer undergoing mitosis.

Answer: Stratum Corneum

Layers of Epidermis from to TOP to Bottom:
Stratum Corneum
Stratum Lucidum
Stratum Granulosum
Stratum spinosum
Stratum Basale
… Then the Dermis
Layers of the Epidermis


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